Falafel Maker

Falafel maker machine for use in fast foods, sandwiches, small workshops and falafel factories, etc., due to their high speed.

The Arad machine Falafel maker is a product of many years of experience in the field of food industry.

By designing this type of device, the company has made it easier for customers to molding with more speed and no need for intervention.

Falafel maker machines are made in two models of desktop and rail.

felafel maker

Technical features and capabilities of the machine:

Equipped with a timer to set the machine's operating time
Falafel production with uniform weight and shape
Having a beautiful appearance
The more efficient the machine due to the lack of skilled manpower
The steel is all the pieces involved with the material
The ability to wash all components involved with the material through the
convenient opening and closing of the machine
Single-phase power consumption 220V
Ability to adjust the machine speed

 felafel maker

Desktop Falafel Maker Machine

felafel maker

Desktop Falafel Maker Machine is designed for use in falafel shops, small workshops, and so on. These machines have a high speed due to the lack of hand engagement in the molding process.

Desktop Falafel Maker Machine have no fryer and rails, so frying is done individually.

The method of operation of this type of apparatus is very easy, so that after the falafel material is poured into the reservoir of the machine and its speed setting, the machine begins to molding, which can be synchronized by placing a fryer under the spout. It also did frying.


Rail Falafel Maker Machine

felafel makerRail Falafel Maker Machine is made up of different capacities with larger dimensions. This machine is very suitable for falafel production in factories, large fast food, and so on.

Automatic Rail Falafel Maker Machines, as their name indicates, are fully automated and designed with rails and fryers.

The method of operation of this type of machine is also very convenient, so that after the material is poured into the tank of the machine, according to the settings that the operator performs for the speed of the machine, the molding starts and the machine start to the blush and It is easily removed from the fryer through the rails, which is very effective in sanitizing the final product.
felafel maker
All parts of the material are made of stainless steel material to prevent corrosion and rust.

All Arad machine's products have one year warranty and ten years of after-sales service, and installation and training of the machine is free of charge with the company itself.

felafel maker

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why not, please call us on whatsapp: +989120210556 we are in your service we have machines in Europe and all around the world and its our pleasure to work with you
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Dear Sir, We are interested in your desk top automatic falafil making machine for use in our Restaurants. We shall appreciate if you could let us have the video and C & F rate to Oman (Sohar). Thanks, SBB Fast Food Chain
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sure, call us on whatsapp: +989120210556 we are in your service
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