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The tray sealer machine for disposable container, is one of packaging machines manufactured by Arad machine Co. This machine can pack and disposing of different types of utensils. Using a Tray sealer machine, containers can be pushed and packed with various types of laminated foil or Cellophane.

sealer machine

The tray sealer machine has a large variety and various types of machine can be used due to the wide variety of containers in dimensions and shapes and types. Below is a brief reference to various types of tray sealer machine and we have tried to give a general introduction to our dear fellow citizens.

 sealer machsine

Heat tray sealer machine


The heat tray sealer machine is a large group of sealer machine. These machine, using the heat generated by the electric elements, push the container door and tie it.

It is possible to open and collapse the cellophane or seal the door of the dishes automatically. It is also possible to feed the container in the machine, the heat press, the round-throwing of the container according to the template, the withdrawal of the prepared dish, etc., is done automatically or semi-automatically.

sealer machine

Below is a list of the following types of heat tray sealer machine artifacts from Arad machine:

Desktop heat tray sealer machine: This machine is small and portable and is used on a desktop. The desktop thermal flood can be designed and built automatically or semi-automatically or even manually. It is usually one- template or two- template and offers a very reasonable price. This machine can seal a variety of round, rectangular, club or any other shapes that are needed.

Rotary heat tray sealer machine: This machine is categorized as an automatic device and is typically used for large capacities. Rotary sealing makes it possible to seal and fill with high speeds.

Therefore, according to the template and type of product, we can also use the filler sealer (filling and packaging).

Linear heat tray sealer machine: The linear heat tray sealer machine is also a fully automatic machine capable of sealing at high speeds. This machine can also be designed and constructed with a filler that can be used for various types of circulation from about 1000 containers per hour to around 10,000 containers per hour.

sealer machine

All heat tray sealer machine can be supplied with vacuum and gas injections, which are used to increase the shelf-life of the product. These systems are used to change the atmosphere of the product, which has a significant impact on product durability.

Ask for the best heat tray sealer machine with your own specifications and features from Arad machine.


Induction sealer machine


Arad Machine Induction sealer machine is also another very popular packaging machine. This machine is used to seal all kinds of containers and can be used to seal various products using various dishes.

The induction sealer machine works using induction waves, which causes the foil to stick to the container and seal it by heating the aluminum foil and melting the polyethylene below it.

sealer machine

By using an induction sealer machine, you can pack a variety of dishes of PET, PE, and glass and.... But note that the container or door should not be made of metal. Because the induction waves work by using its effect on the metal, the function of the induced seal will be impaired if the vessel or metal door is in place.


The induction sealer machine is divided into two types; manual and automatic:

Hand-held induction sealer machine: This machine, seal about 1500 container per hour, can be the best option for small and medium-sized businesses. This machine can seal a variety of containers from a span of 20 mm to 150 mm.

Automatic induction sealer machine: This machine has been designed and manufactured for production lines for high circulation. The lowest circulation capacity for automatic induction flooding machines is 5000 bottles per hour, which can increase up to 20,000 bottles per hour.

Automatic induction sealer machines are installed on the production line and above the conveyor belt at a specific distance, and the induction operation is carried out quickly.

 sealer machsine

All Arad machines come with a one-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service throughout the country.

For more information on the types of heat and induction sealer machine and other packaging machines, you can call the Arad consultants to get complete information on the machines.

 sealer machine

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