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Buy economical fruit dehydrator machine come off in Arad Company.

This Company design and produce the best machine with high quality for drying different fruits that is very useful and popular among people.



Some of the people prefer to use dry fruit instead of fruit, so it would be great to make a workshop, factory for produce extensive drying fruit.

Arad Company has used the best world’s technology in good standards of hygiene to design and produce kind of industrial and semi-industrial and even for household fruit dehydrator machine with economical and low price, you will be able to experience a fruitful sales.

People dried fruits traditionally while fruits were commonly dried in the sun that hadn’t been defined in the safety and standards.

Today dried fruit consumption is widespread and there are lots of different machines to drying fruit with high capacity in the shortest possible time and also a good standard of hygiene that keeps fruit in long time.



Application of fruit dehydrator machines

It’s simple to work with fruit dehydrator machine and it doesn’t need any specialized train.

It’s necessary to disinfect fruit perfectly because some of fruits dry with skin to provide an output with high quality.

For using fruit in long time, the clean air in fruit dehydrator machines will be blown into the drying chamber and flow towards the electrical heater, then the heater air will be evenly distributed to each layer of trays by removing as much water as possible and do dehumidification and it obstacles of decay.

Since dried fruit is so much smaller than the fresh fruit but dried fruit is a healthy source of calories and keeps valuable nutrients, therefore fruit dehydrator machine to be useful for household, confectionary, store nuts, workshop.

Setting up a workshop of dried fruit needs handheld and electric equipment such as washing, slicing, packing and also storing.

Fruit dehydrator machine has two kind of model:

Cabinet dryer

Tunnel dryer

Cabinet dryer is suitable for semi-industrial work for drying fruit and vegetables in volumes around 300-400 kilograms.

Tunnel dryer is suitable for industrial’s factory in high tonnages and volumes between 1 until 2 ton and also it has application to dry in volumes around 2000-2500 kilograms.


Cabinet dryer machine

Cabinet dryer machine has three kinds of model like:  mini cabin:  width 75 centimeters and weight less more 100 kilograms.

 Single cabin: width 120 centimeters, length 150 centimeters, height 240 centimeters and weight 400 kilograms.

  Double cabins: weight 600 kilograms, length 250 centimeters.

 Triple cabins: length 370 centimeters, weight 900 kilograms.

This machine is pretty smart and able to calculate humidity and temperature in different times, strong thermal insulation obstacle of entry air into machine.



Fruit dehydrator machine Arad Company

Arad Company design and produce all types of dehydrator machine with the best world’s technology.

Warranty is 1 year and it provides after sales services with train operator and free install.



We can send engineer to buyer place to install the machine.



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