Dryer Machine (Dehydrator)

Arad Machinery Co. with many years of experience in design of drying machine and industrial machines, processing lines, packaging and alterant industries in is are active in Tehran. The company has a lot of experiences in the field of producing dried fruits and vegetables, which results in establishing high quality production line.

Drying Machine

Many successful factories and companies which setting up by Arad group show the high quality of equipment and machinery, also high quality of sales service and after-sales service.

These factories and manufactories are active in different areas of country and with consultation of production and sale of dried products, a-z they succeeded.

Drying Machine

Property of Drying Machine


Arad Machinery’s Drying Machine designed and manufactured in different capacity and sizes. The fuel of these machine is gas, electricity or solar power.

The body of the drying machine is made of sandwich panels with XPS refractory insulation, which has a very high quality and light weight. The control of the machine is automatic and digital, and they are very easy to use.

 Drying Machine

Arad Machinery’s Drying Machines used in the production of all types of dried fruit and chips, dried vegetables, fruit leather, Tarkhine and whey, meat and shrimp and protein substances, pharmaceutical products, etc.



Technical specifications of drying machines

The technical specifications of drying machines of Arad Machinery Co. are as follows:





Capacity (KG)

Length ,Width ,Height (CM)

Weight  of Machine 

Power consumation (W)

Fuel consumation

Minor Cabin






Mini Cabins






Single Cabins






Double Cabins






Triple Cabins






Six Cabins






Solar Machine





Solar Power



Drying Machine 




Arad Machinery’s Drying Machine with two years Guaranty and ten years after sales service. Installation and free training throughout the every countries also available for our dear customers as soon as possible.


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Dehydrator Machines (Dryer Machines)

Fruits and vegetable dehydrators are very useful and profitable machines in industrial factories and dried products little workshops. You can have them by various cost in different kind of dehydrator machines.

Launching the Fruit and Vegetable Chips Production Line is one of the most production lines that can be measured with low-cost equipment and machinery.


Dried Fruits Machine


Various kinds of fruit and vegetable dehydrators

Fruit and vegetable dehydrating machines are available in different sizes and capacity of industrial and semi-industrial which we will discuss in this article.

Have you ever come across dried fruits in the grocery stores or nuts stores and pastry shops?

Have you used dried leafy vegetables in different foods and drinks? Have you tried using dried onions?

Have you ever thought how and with what machines these products are manufactured? Have you ever wondered why dried fruits or vegetables are expensive?

In this article, we are going to introduce the machines and their production lines while answering the above questions about dried fruits and vegetables.

Drying and storage of fruits and vegetables and their use in different seasons has long been common and people used drying methods to increase the shelf life of these products.

Today, due to the expansion of urbanization as well as the possibility of using different types of fruits in different seasons, we re-use dried fruits and vegetables and see high sales in this segment of food. The growing domestic sales market and export sales markets around the world are market segments that can be counted on.


 Kinds of Dryer machines


Types of fruit and vegetable dehydrators

The dehydrators (dryers) are classified into several types in terms of the method and technology used, each with its own performance and specificity, and is well suited for the specific job.

Keep in mind that the quality and quantity of input and output products are another factor that is important in different fruit and vegetable dehydrators. Sometimes you buy a specific machine to meet specific customization requirements, and after ordering, purchasing, installing, testing and getting started, you find that this type and model of dryers makes it possible to produce a custom one. Don't be fooled, so be careful in choosing dehydrators (dryers) and avoid consulting with experienced and caring consultants.

In the following, we will briefly refer to the various types of fruit and vegetable (dehydrator) dryers and their individual characteristics. Stay with us.


Minor Cabin Dryer Machine



Types of Arad Machine (dehydrator) dryer by Usage:

• Household dryer

• Semi-industrial dryer

• Industrial dryer


Freeze Fruit Dryer

Freeze dryers or sublimation dryers are high quality end products that produce excellent dry fruits and vegetables.

The cost of designing, manufacturing, maintaining and using these machines is very high and due to the low speed of production in this way, the finished price of the finished products is very high. If the cost of the product is high, the selling price will also be very high, resulting in a very limited market.

In freeze dryers, water extraction from fruits is carried out using a low-pressure water sublimation process, and the fruit and vegetable tissue is less damaged and produce a better quality product.


 Freeze Dryer Machines


Industrial Microwave Dryers

This type of dryer uses microwaves to heat and remove water and moisture from fruits and vegetables. In this method the working speed is high and in a short period of time the machine can output high output.

Microwave dryers are powered by electricity and have relatively high power consumption. As a result, electricity costs should also be considered. The high cost of manufacturing and operating these machines also makes the finished product costly. As a result, its sales price is very high and there is less justification for the customer to buy this product.


Micro Dryer


Solar dryers for fruits and vegetables

One of the newest and most advanced types of dryers is solar dryers for fruits and vegetables that are growing and expanding day by day. These (dehydrator) dryers, which usually work in two ways, use sunlight to provide the heat needed to drain the fruit.

The direct method is that the drying products are placed in a chamber above the glass and direct sunlight shines and the chamber is heated to remove moisture from the product and the product over time to dry.

In the indirect method, the (dehydrator) dryer is designed in such a way that the absorption chamber of the sun is separate from the (dehydrator) dryer chamber and the heat absorbed by the absorber causes the chamber air to heat up and cause the hot air to move upwards. Hot air enters the drying chamber at the bottom of the sunshine compartment, passing through the fruit and vegetable upstream and drying them out, eventually leaving the top dryer.

Solar dryers are a kind of fruit and vegetable dryers that can be used in different regions to produce a variety of products and produce very good products at low cost.


 Solar Dryer Machines


Industrial Fruit Dryers by Hot Air Method

One of the most widely used and best methods for producing dried fruits and vegetables is the use of hot air machines. These machines are one of the cheapest type of (dehydrator) dryer among the aforementioned dryers used to produce all kinds of dried fruits and vegetables.

In hot air dryers, there is a heat source that generates controlled moisture output from the fruit and vegetable. The machine's circulation system is the most sophisticated part of these machines. While generating heat at one point in the machine, the heat must be transmitted in a uniform, longitudinal, transverse, and vertical manner, and then returned to the furnace again.


 Hot Air Dryer Machines


Sources of heat generation in industrial fruit dryers

Sources of heat generation in industrial fruit (dehydrator) dryers are energy generated by burning gas or diesel or by producing electrical resistance that is designed according to power requirements. As the body of these Machine is three-chambered and there is an industrial thermal insulation layer (such as rock wool and XPS) between the layers, the heat loss is close to zero resulting in very low fuel consumption as well as the workshop hall will not warm.

The heat generating system includes a very hot furnace, an industrial burner (gas or diesel or electric elements), a burner control system, a conduit and a smoke exhaust system, and other details here.


 Heating System of Dryers and Dehydrators


Convection system for hot air industrial dryer

In the air circulation system of these machines are used relatively complex mechanisms such as blower and suction fans, special spoilers and walls and canals and so on. All of these are designed according to fluid mechanics and heat transfer science. Maximum performance is achieved by producing a perfectly uniform product that only professional designers and genuine machine makers can do.

Consider, a hot air cabinet (dehydrator) dryer with three cabins is about 4 meters long, the furnace is at one end of the machine, and its heat generated must be distributed by heat transfer systems such that the fruit in the first and closest row to the furnace, dry the fruit with the longest distance to dry completely. This was a small example of the sensitivity of this work, so consider that this uniformity must be observed at the top and bottom of the machine as well as the front to back of the machine.


 Dehydrators Convection System


Industrial fruit dryers control systems

Control systems in industrial fruit and vegetable dryers include systems that must control temperature, time, humidity, etc. in the drying environment of the product. These systems include sensors, wiring, indicators, actuators, and so on.

These systems should be able to monitor the environment and conditions for a moment and act on the instructions given by the professional operator. For example, when humidity reaches a certain percentage, it has to decide that smart humidity system what to do.

Therefore, it should be a very intelligent and sensitive system that can produce a very high quality and controlled product. If you know how to use this smart, all-digital system, you can produce a high quality product with the exact standards you want.

All markers are digital, with ease of control, command and decision making. The quality of the sensors and other parts of the control panel of the machine must be high so that the information provided by them can be trusted. For example, when the temperature indicator shows 50 degrees, the actual temperature should be exactly 50 degrees, otherwise the product will not be as expected and will have a different shape, color, and humidity.


 Dryer dehydrators Machine Controller


Hot air industrial dryer's body

Every single detail of these machines is important and each can have significant impacts on efficiency, safety, performance, ease of use, minimum fuel and energy consumption, and so on. Among the parts and details that may seem trivial but by far the most important part of the machine is its body.

The body of the machine actually comprises the main body of the machine, body panels, doors and hinges and knobs, boxes and flaps connecting various parts of the machine such as switchgear and torches, wheels and pedestals, and the wall and other details.

The body is usually three-walled in most parts, with two main body and one wall comprising spoilers and canals, and so on. The body comprises an industrial thermal insulation layer that can prevent heat loss and reduce fuel consumption as well as warming the outside environment.

High quality wheels that can handle up to one tonne heavy machine have a good performance. Powerful chassis that can withstand constant weight as well as moving with the crane and prevent the machine from being deformed.

Doors must have all the requirements of heat and insulation while being removable, while keeping these features light. Door hinges and door handles are also important in terms of performance, comfort and safety.

Moisture insulation is another important factor that should be considered in the body of industrial fruit and vegetable dryers. The exterior of the machine is most often made of galvanized steel sheets and is covered with electrostatic or automotive paint which is highly resistant to moisture and has a good beauty.

The interior body of the machine is often made of galvanized sheet, which is stainless and suitable for this area. Consider, of course, what the machine is going to do and customize the body from stainless steel and galvanized sheets, and so on.


 Fruits and Vegetables Dryer Machine Body


Production capacity of industrial dryers of fruits and vegetables

(Dehydrator) dryers are designed for use in various operating levels and a variety of Household, semi-industrial and industrial capacity. In large factories usually used for multiple machines. In general, it can be noted that the capacity of tunnel dryers is greater than cabinet dryers.

Usually cabin dryers have an inlet capacity of about 100 to 400 kg each time. Continues dryers, or tunnels, have a capacity of about one to two tons per shift.

In the other next articles, we will introduce different types of dryers and discuss their input and output capacities in more detail.

Arad Machine (dehydrator) dryers by Capacity:

  • Minor cabin dryer
  • Mini cabin dryer
  • Single cabin dryer
  • Double cab dryer
  • Triple cabin dryer


Mini Cabin Dehydrator


The final talk about fruit and vegetable dryers

According to the overview of the various types of industrial fruit and vegetable dryers in this article, it can be concluded that they are launched at different levels of related businesses. Earning profits and return on investment can also be done in a variety of ways, each with its own characteristics.

The high profitability of this area and the absence of very large brands have made it possible for even small businesses to have a say and grow.

Our advice for those who are interested in investing and getting started is to carefully study the actual sources and verify them carefully.


Guarantee of dryer Machines


In the next following articles, we will describe each machine in detail and go into detail so that you can make detailed comparisons and reviews.


1Total 12 Product
Linear tray sealing machine

Linear tray sealing machine

linear tray sealing machine is a type of packing equipment widely used in some businesses, including food production and packaging.
Single-cabin dryer (dehydrator)

Single-cabin dryer (dehydrator)

The single-cabin cabinet dryer (dehydrator) machine, like the Mini model, is one of the relatively small machines of Arad Machinery, which includes a cabin with dimensions, weight and specifications, which are mentioned in the table below. This cabinet dehydrator machine can also be suitable for small workshops.
Industrial dehydrator machine

Industrial dehydrator machine

Industrial dehydrator machines (also known as industrial dryer machines) that are suitable for drying food, including fruits and vegetables, are manufactured by many factories due to the expanding market of dried (dehydrated) products.
Fruit dryer machine

Fruit dryer machine

Fruit dryer machines (dehydrators) are made in home and industrial types and in different models, each of which can suit the type of business. Home dehydrator machines for low volume production and industrial machines are suitable for a higher volume of production.
Meat dryer machine

Meat dryer machine

All kinds of Meat is one of the products that are dried using Arad machinery dryer machines. Due to the growing consumption of dried meat in the food industry, animal and pet food, etc these products have a wide variety of markets all over the world.
three-cabin dryer machine

three-cabin dryer machine

Arad Machinery three-cabin cabinet dryer (dehydrator) machine includes three cabinets with the specifications listed in the table below, which are among the large dryer machines with high production capacity. This cabinet dehydrator machine can be suitable for large businesses. More detailed information about this machine can be found in the following section.
Double-cabin dryer machine

Double-cabin dryer machine

The double-cabin cabinet dryer (dehydrator) machine, as its name implies, consists of two cabinets. This model of machine is bigger than mini and single cabin dryer machine and due to more interior space and trays, it can dehydrate more product volume. The detailed specifications of the double-cabin cabinet dryer machine can be seen in the table below.
Mini cabinet dryer machine

Mini cabinet dryer machine

The Mini model of cabinet dryer (dehydrator) machine is the smallest Arad machinery dryer that is applied to dry any type of product, from fruits and food to chemicals and medicines. Due to the small dimensions of this machine, it can be easily installed and applied in very small workshops and even inside of houses or kitchens. In the table below, you can see the complete details of the Mini Arad machinery cabinet dryer.
Tunnel dryer (tunnel dehydrator)

Tunnel dryer (tunnel dehydrator)

A tunnel dryer (dehydrator) is one of the most widely used types of Industrial dryers, the price of which varies according to the dimensions and production capacity. In the following text, we will give a brief explanation of the specifications and application of tunnel dehydrator.
Watermelon dehydrator machine Selling

Watermelon dehydrator machine Selling

Selling watermelon dehydrator machine happen in Arad Company that design and produce in different capacity for using in workshops, household jobs, semi-industrial, small environment and so on.
Buy economical fruit dehydrator machine

Buy economical fruit dehydrator machine

Buy economical fruit dehydrator machine come off in Arad Company.
Buy economical fruit dehydrator machine

Buy economical fruit dehydrator machine

Buy economical fruit dehydrator machine come off in Arad Company.
1Total 12 Product
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