Industrial Oven

Bakery & Pastry oven machine is suitable for baking all types of cakes and sweets, bulk breads, and more.

With many years of experience in the field of machine building, Arad Machine Co., has been designing and manufacturing confectionery and ovens in various models and capacities. These devices are very easy to control, so each beginner can easily work with it.

 industrial oven

Semi-industrial Bakery & Pastry oven

Semi industrial Bakery & Pastry oven are design in two types: four trays, six trays.

Features and technical specifications of the machine:

Tray count: 4 or 6 trays
Distance between trays: 9 cm
Machine type: Sheet inside the galvanized machine and the body of the entire stainless steel machine
Equipped with air circulation fan
Equipped with first class thermal insulation
Temperature adjustment up to 300 °


Semi-industrial 4 trays oven

 industrial oven



Semi-industrial 4 trays oven is designed to allow people with space constraints to use it. This model has semi-industrial ovens with 4 trays measuring 40 * 60 cm. The body of the device is full steel and its strong insulation prevents energy loss and warming the environment.







industrial oven


Semi-industrial 6 trays oven

industrial oven

Semi-industrial 6 trays oven are designed in larger sizes and 6 trays measuring 40x60 cm for use in higher capacities. This model is also a constant oven and can be easily used for cook a variety of sweets, cakes, bacon and so on.

Thermal insulation of this type of rockwool is to prevent energy loss and make the machine more efficient.




Industrial Rotary Oven

industrial oven

Industrial Rotary Oven machine is very suitable for sweets, cakes, bulk breads, and more.

Industrial batching oven is made in various capacities of 6, 8, and 10 trays and....
This model can be constructed of machine for large capacities so that it can be used in factories, industrial workshops, etc.

Industrial ovens have the ability to install steam systems




Industrial 6 trays Rotary Oven

industrial oven

Industrial 6 trays Rotary Oven is one of the smallest size of rotary ovens. A trolley of trays made of a rotary machine. Using air circulation, it indirectly and uniformly heat the whole surface of the trays. All tray parts are coherent.

Industrial 6 trays Rotary Oven dimensions are 145 * 100 * 160 cm and made with a stainless steel body and equipped with a digital temperature control system.






Industrial 8 trays Rotary Oven

industrial oven


Industrial 8 trays Rotary Oven size is 190 * 100 * 145 cm and manufactured with capacity of 8 rotary trays with 40 * 60 cm dimensions.

These machines have the ability to install the steam system, and there is a possibility to adjust the exact temperature.

Fuel is gas or electric appliances that are built according to customer requirements.





Industrial 10 and more trays Rotary Oven

Industrial 10 and more trays Rotary Oven are designed for large and industrial capacities.

Usually, this machine model is used for large confectionery or high capacity manufacturing workshops.

The body of the machine is stainless steel and are equipped with thermal insulation.

Installing the steam system on these machines will allow them to be used to cook all the sweets and breads that need to be steamed.

All confectionary ovens are digital and have a control panel that allows you to set any temperature for cooking and automatically keep the temperature in that position, and then at the desired time set. Turn off automatically after cooking.

industrial oven

All machines of Arad Machine have a one-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service.

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