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The juicer machine is one of the machines that Arad Machine Co. has been designing and manufacturing in many capacities and models according to customer's needs for many years.


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The following is a brief overview of the juicer machine:


Double juicer machine

The double juicer machine is designed to drain lemons and unripe grapes in different capacities. The body of the model is aluminum and comes with a very high-quality engine to make watering work faster. The juicing system of these types of machines is a shredding method, whereby the method of juicing is by compressing and crushing the product out of the maximum amount of water in the lemon and unripe grape.


arad machine double juicer


The engine operates in a left and right direction so that it can remove the product that is inserted into the machine by rotating it in reverse.


Specifications and technical characteristics of the machine:

• Body Material: Aluminum

• Machine Type: Electromechanical

• Type of juicing: screw

• Engine power: 1.5 Hp

• Dimensions of the machine: 70 centimetres wide, 118 centimetres high, 70 centimetres long

• Easy transportation by the wheels mounted under the base of the machine


Multifunctional juicer machine

Multifunctional juicer machines are used to juice various types of products. It does not damage the kernel and the stem and ... therefore, it is suitable for juicing various types of lemon, unripe grape, pomegranate, grapes, barberry, orange, and so on.

These types of machines are manufactured in different capacities and according to customers' needs.

The electromotor of this machine has the proper power to juice a large amount of products in the least possible time.


arad machine juice juicer


The way these machines work is very simple. The product deposited in the tank moves through a large shaft system to a specific compartment. After filling the reservoir, the product of the high-pressure rotary shaft system pushes into the compartment and is squeezed by this pressure and the water is removed through the wall of the chamber that is shaped. The water collected through an outlet pipe and produced pulp is also removed after filling from the end of the machine, with the maximum water removed, and no longer need to separate and cross the filter.


Specifications and technical features of the multifunction machine:

• Body Material: Stainless Steel

• Different grids for various products

• Machine Type: Electromechanical

• Dehydration system type: Screw and press

• Appliance Power: Single Phase / Three Phase

• Engine power: 3 Hp

• Dimensions: 170 cm long, 60 centimeters wide, 90 centimeters high

• Cylinder 21 cm

• 110-speed gearbox


 arad machine multi juicer


Types of Tomato Juicer Machines


Screw Tomato Juicer Machine

Screw Tomato Juicer Machine can immerse tomatoes in various capacities. These machines deliver pure water and collect the dust on the grid to be drained.


Specifications and features of the Machine:

• Body Material: Steel

• Electromotor: 2 Hp

• Power consumption: 1600 watts

• System machine type: Screw


Our Tomato Juicer Machine

Our Tomato Juicer Machine does not press tomatoes to mix seeds and skin inside tomato juice but delivers water from an outlet and waste from another outlet so it can be easily used.

The tomato is draped by the machine's projectile to the net of the machine, and thus the beverage is detached from the outlet of the machine.

This machine comes in various capacities to meet the needs of individuals. The advantage of this machine is that it no longer needs to be cleaned because the output of the pulp is separate.


Specifications and Features of Tomato Dewatering Machine:

• Body Material: Stainless Steel

• Electromotor power: 3 Hp

• Power voltage: 220 V

• Device performance: Oar and Net

• Dimensions of the device: length 120 cm, width 60 cm, height 90 cm


All Arad machines have one year of warranty and ten years of after-sales service and are made according to the needs of dear customers in various capacities and with the best parts and the highest quality level.


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