Roasting Machine

Roasting machine is one of the machines designed and manufactured by Arad Machine Co. with a wide variety of capacities. Roasting machines are used for cooking and roasting of various kinds of nuts, seeds and etc. 

The increasing consumption of nourishment and refreshments has led to an increase in the profitability of the production of these products and more economical.

Arad Machine Co. is very active in the processing and packaging of these products and provides all the machines of this product line. These machines include Winnowing machine, roasting machine, salt tumbler, coating tumbler, dryers and packaging machines. 

Arad Company has designed a variety of roasting machine and packaging machines in different capacities and sizes that our customers can use to set up small workshops and large factories.

 roasting machine

Nuts roasting machine

Nuts roasting machine and Seeds roasting machine can be designed in tents of 5 to 80 kg (each time) and used for the roasting of seeds, almonds, peanuts, pistachios and others.

The fuel used for roasting in a roasting machine is gas or gas oil and that's very low fuel consumption in this machine.

The stainless steel body and all-steel spiral drum, and the use of the best motor and gearboxes, and the highest quality equipment on the machine, have made the overall quality of the machine superbly.

The possibility of installing product lift and salt lift and an automatic control panel are also available on different models, which can be installed easily for use with these machines.

It is noteworthy that we can design a variety of flavors and coffee machines and other products, and that Arad Machine is also active in this field and has a great record.

 roasting machine

Salt tumbler for nuts and seeds

roasting machine
Salt tumblers for nuts and seeds are used to salty and flavor products that are processed in high tonnage and not susceptible to impact. The Salt tumbler is horizontally designed and built to allow automatic drainage.

 Roasting Machine

Flavor coating machine

Flavor coating machine is one of the machine used in the drying line processing and packaging. This machine is used for flavoring and coloring products that are sensitive to impact and are processed with high precision. Among these products are Pistachios and Almonds.

This machine is designed and manufactured in different capacities and sizes, and automatic circulation and drainage are also required for them.

 roasting machine

Nuts Dryer Machine

Nuts Dryer Machine and seeds dryer machine are designed and made to dry nuts in various capacities. It has a gas or oil gas Furnace and provides the heat necessary to dry the product after flavoring and salting.

The working method of the dryer machine is such that it gives the hot air the product is dried and then leaves the machine.

Dryer machine is designed and manufactured in various capacities and tanks, and can be used automatically or semi-automatically after the tumbler and coating machine.

It is noteworthy that after the dryer, it is necessary to give the product time to cool down and then to the packing stage. The reason for this is that if the product is hot-packaged, it will be possible to grow fungi and ... like aflatoxin.


Nuts packing machine

roasting machineNuts packaging machine is also one of the products of Arad Machine Co., which is of high quality and one year warranty and ten years of after sales service. The best machine for packing nuts is a weighing machine designed and manufactured with different speeds and tonnages.

These devices can pack up to 20 grams to 2,000 grams, and they do it completely automatically. For packaging, weighing can also be used for filling and sewing bags that can be designed for any weight.

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