Sachet Packaging Machine

 Sachet packaging machines are suitable for packaging of single-use products fo hotels, restaurants, catering, fast food and more. This machine model is fully automatic and is designed for a variety of powder products, liquids, and granules in accordance with customer requirements.
With many years of experience in various types of industrial machinery in the field of food, Arad Machinery Co. has focused on the needs of consumers for sachet packaging to design and manufacture these types of machines in order to respond to this request.
Sachet packaging machines are usually used for packaging at a maximum weight of 50 grams.

Specifications and technical characteristics of the machine:
Type of machine operation: electromechanics
The ability to install thermal data printing machine on the machine
The ability to install gas injection on the machine
Bag form method: pillow bags, three or four side seal
Equipped with PLC and touchscreen English, Russian, Arabic and Persian
Weighing range: 1 to 50 grams
Machine speed: 40 to 60 ppm
Power Consumption: Single-phase / 220 V

Sachet Machine

Liquid Sachet packaging machines (Thick and Diluted liquid)

Liquid Sachet packaging machines are designed to pack a variety of liquids with different viscosities such as lemon juice, sauce, oil, honey, etc.
In this model of machines, if the type of product is intense, such as honey, butterfat, etc. To prevent its tightening or to help smooth the product to make it easier to pack, it will usually double the wall of the machine so that the walls are poured into water or oil, and through the elements in which it is put into operation, it will dilute the product.
In Liquid Sachet packaging machines, usually the parts that are involved with the material are made of stainless steel to prevent rust or corrosion over time.

Sachet Machine

Powder Sachet packaging machines

Powder Sachet packaging machines are suitable for packing of various powdery materials such as crushed stone, pepper, spices, salt and ....
These machines are made according to the customer's requirements and for packaging in different gravings and for single-use or so-called single use products.
In this model, the materials are poured into the reservoir of the machine, and it starts to fill and pack in full compliance with the settings for filling the products through PLC.

Sachet Machine

Granular Sachet packaging machines

Granular Sachet packaging machines are suitable for packing granular materials such as pistachios, peanuts, nuts, etc.
In these machines, according to the PLC of the machine, the settings are applied and after the material is deposited in the tank, the packaging is done.
In all the sachet packaging machines described briefly, the size of the collar represents the wrapping width. In cases where we require packing in different pillow bags models, three or four side seal, it is easy to do this by changing the collar.

 Sachet Machine


All Arad machines with one year warranty and ten years of after sales service, free installation can be provided to dear customers.

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